Application Stories

Product Type Industry Application

UtiliTrak: Linear Guide Gantry Design
A size one UtiliTrak linear guide gantry design is being used to reduce operator efforts by providing ergonomic movement of a tapping tool. The gun must be counter balanced for ease of use, and must stay perpendicular to operating surface (handling a 20lb load over a 3 ft x 4 ft area). The dual track mounted vertically provides added rigidity, eliminating supports and roll moments.
HDS2: Automotive Drive Shaft Handling
The HDS2 product line provides large increased load capacity bearings, construction beams in two sizes, single edge v slides and flat track, and a variety of drive options. Stainless steel and corrosion resistant components come standard, making this product line an ideal solution for many high load applications.
DualVee: Robotic Crane for Depalletizing
Designed for the printing industry, this robotic crane system automates the depalletizing of logs and loading of stream feeders. The machinery slides back and forth on v bearing guide wheels covering 24 feet of track. With a minimum of two seams, the track acts as rebar, assisting in the strengthening of the aluminum beam structure.