MadeWell Radial Wheels

  • Linear guide wheel bearing for simple applications
  • Single row deep-groove ball bearing
  • Precision ground 90-degree vee inside running surfaces
  • Hardened for heavy loads and durability
  • Seals to protect against contamination
  • General purpose AISI 52100 carbon steel or AISI 440C stainless steel

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Product Details
This single-row, deep-groove ball bearing design is ideal for applications with simple radial loading conditions. This major innovation makes it possible to put your design in motion accurately, quietly and economically with all the benefits of quality materials, durability, and easy-to-use functionality.[ Click here ] to read the white paper overview on MadeWell Radial Wheels MadeWell radial wheels are linear guide bearings with single row deep-groove ball arrangement with precision ground 90° vee inside surfaces to support loads and provide smooth and quiet motion. They are an ideal choice for low cost linear guide bearings in simple linear guide applications such as doors and windows, museum displays, cabinets, and automation. Use with DualVee guide track for linear motion. Available in general purpose AISI 52100 carbon steel or corrosion resistant AISI 440C stainless steel and with rubber seals protect against small particle contamination. Through bore allows mounting with common bolts and washers. Internally lubricated for life with general purpose grease. Download Additional Literature Radial Wheel Product Flier Radial Wheel White Paper   Please call for specific lead-times, or to expedite your order. See additional product lead time information.

Technical Guide

  • Carbon steel and stainless steel versions are available in three sizes (1, 2, 3)
  • Materials used include:
    • High carbon tool steel (AISI 52100) bearing races
    • High carbon martensitic stainless steel (AISI 440C) bearing races
    • Nylon with fiberglass fill 25% (PA66 GF25) ball cages
    • Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) seals
  • Concentric mounting options only, designed to run on matching 90º vee edge track
  • Assembled with recommended standard screws and simple inner race spacers
    • Size-1: M5 Screws, M5 DIN 433 washers for mounting spacers
    • Size-2: 1/4” Screws, SAE type A 1/4” washers for mounting spacers
    • Size-3: M8 or 5/16” screws, M8 DIN 125 or SAE type A 5/16” washer for mounting spacers
  • Recommended maximum operating speed is 5.5 m/s
  • Recommended operating temperature range: -20ºC to +100ºC
MadeWell Garden Door Agriculture


Compact Weather-Resistant Solution


Sliding doors are common in greenhouse applications because they save space and come in a variety of sizes. MadeWell® radial wheels are perfect for lighter loads, but still maintain durability in movement and weather conditions.

INDUSTRY: Agriculture


Linear Guide Wheel

Radial Loading Application

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