HepcoMotion HDRT – Heavy Duty Ring and Track

HDRT combines the flexibility and function of the PRT Ring Slide and Track system with the size and strength of the HDS2 product line to support loads of up to 40kN (8,992 pounds).
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Product Details

Track Systems

HDRT track systems combine ring segments and straight slides to follow virtually any path. Internal and external V rings are compatible with three sizes of bearings and two lubricators, and are available in seven sizes, two precision grades, plus stainless steel. Track systems are provided in ready-to-install sections, marked with reference and sequence numbers. A unique joint block alignment fixture is provided for easy alignment. A variety of drive methods is also available.

Slide Ring Segments

The HDRT offers a large range of single edge rings from 512mm (20.15 inches) to 1656mm (65.19 inches) in diameter. Curved segments are provided in 90 and 180 degree arc lengths as standard. They are made of high quality steel and are available in three grades: P1, P2 and SS. All grades are fully ground on the 90 degree V faces and internal register. Grade P1 is also ground on the mounting face. The stainless steel version is ground on all surfaces.

Ring slides are available in 360, 180 and 90 degree segments.

The standard holes are counter-bored for hex socket screw. Alternatively, the tapped hole option enables bolting from below. A gear drive option is available.

HDRE: hardened external V surfaces HDR: hardened internal V surfaces HDRD: hardened V faces

Straight Segments

HDRT uses straight slides from the popular HDS2 series, precision matched and modified for the particular application requirements. They come complete with back plates (unless otherwise speficied) and joint blocks according to design. Slides up to 4m in length can be joined for longer length applications.

Bearing Assemblies

Double row bearings are available in 64 and 95mm standard sizes, as well as an optional 120mm size for higher load capacity. Depending on configuration, bearing assemblies can be purchased as through-hole or blind hole, and as concentric or eccentric mounting configurations. Each bearing has a chemically blackened, high tensile steel screw and bushing. Nitrile rubber seals are standard on 95mm bearings, and stainless steel versions are available.


Lubricators provide optimal performance of systems by properly lubricating the interface between the V slide and V bearing. A grease reservoir provides continuous lubrication to prolong system life of your rotary table or any other application you may have. Ring type lubricators for rings and segments, and bearing lubricators intended for track systems, are both available.

Carriage Options

Two types of carriages are available, fixed center carriages and bogie carriages. Fixed center carriages are ideal for rings and segmented tracks. The fixed center carriage design follows track paths from straight to curved sections with ease. The fixed center carriage, however, will not follow S-type bends, while the bogie carriages will follow any type of curve with smooth and easy motion. Both types of carriages are made from anodized aluminum and can be supplied fully assembled and adjusted to track segments. Both carriages are available in 64 and 95mm bearings. A corrosion resistant version is available, as are special length carriages.

HDRT Plasma Pipe Cutting


HDRT Optimizes Demanding Production of High-pressure Steel Cylinders


Eurocylinder Systems AG is a medium-size company and a leading manufacturer in the metal processing industry. Eurocylinder produces high-pressure steel cylinders for the storage and transportation of compressed, liquefied and dissolved pressure gas used in technical, fire protection, diving, beverages and medical applications.

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HepcoMotion Rings

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