HDLS – Heavy Duty Linear System

HDLS utilizes heavy duty slides and actuates them by AT series belt. Narrow and wide unit versions are available. The narrow unit is taller than the wide unit making it stiffer. The wide unit is better suited for applications with high moment loads. Both the narrow unit and the wide unit feature left, right, and dual output shafts. Gear boxes may be supplied directly coupled to units. Extended output shafts on gear boxes are also possible to drive two systems in parallel. Optional shock absorbers and rubber buffers are available for HDLS systems.

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Narrow Unit
HDLS Belt Driven Linear Actuator

The narrow unit is mounted to a slim profile beam that provides rigid stiffness due to its height. Left, right, and dual output shafts, as well as gear boxes, are all standard for the narrow unit. The narrow unit is actuated by means of a 50mm wide AT20 belt. Rubber buffers and shock absorbers are optional.


Wide Unit
HDLS Belt Driven Linear Actuator

The wide unit is mounted to a wide profile beam to increase moment handling capabilities by spreading the V bearings far apart. Left, right, and dual output shafts, as well as gear boxes, are all standard for the wide unit. Actuation is achieved by means of a 50mm or 75mm wide AT20 belt. Rubber buffers and shock absorbers are optional.

Load Life Estimates

Carriage Carriage Load Capacity
L1 (max)
L2 (max)
Ms (max)
Mv (max)
M (max)
HDLS--64N 10000N @300km 1600N @ 500km 610Nm @ 300km 1600Nm @500km 1000Nm @ 300km
3100N @ 10000km 5895N @10000km 190Nm @ 10000km 590Nm @ 10000km 311Nm @ 10000km
HDLS-64W 10000N @300km 16000N @ 500km 1060Nm @ 300km 2080Nm @ 500km 1300Nm @ 300km
3100N @ 10000km 5895N @10000km 329Nm @ 10000km 766Nm @ 10000km 404Nm @ 10000km
HDLS-95N 28000N @ 100km 40000N @ 400km 1708Nm @ 400km 4600Nm @ 400km 3220Nm @ 400km
9570N @10000km 13680N @ 10000km 584Nm @ 10000km 1573Nm @ 10000km 1101Nm @ 10000km
HDLS-95W 28000N @ 400km 40000N @ 400km 2968Nm @ 400km 5800Nm @ 400km 4060Nm @ 400km
9570N @10000km 13680N @ 10000km 1015Nm @ 10000km 1987Nm @ 10000km 1389Nm @ 10000km
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More Information
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Actuated Linear Guides
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Catalog URL https://www2.bwc.com/rs/872-EFC-487/images/HDLS-HepoMotion-Catalog-Bishop-Wisecarver.pdf
CAD File URL https://bwc-hepcomotion-embedded.partcommunity.com/3d-cad-models/hds2-heavy-duty-linear-motion-system-hepcomotion?info=hepcomotion/10_hds2
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