The Quality, Reliability and Durability That is MadeWell

MadeWell represents simple solutions for complex problems [ download the product flier ]. This product line takes us back to our roots of solving everyday challenges for industries such as architecture, transportation, semiconductor, electronics, engineering services and many others. This collection leverages our patented technologies, helping us better develop engineering breakthroughs. MadeWell products use the latest engineering technology to deliver reliable, simple answers to specific applications.

[ FREE WHITE PAPER ] A Low Cost Solution for Unique Linear Guide Wheel Applications

The current MadeWell collection includes two linear guide wheel offerings. Three sizes of crown rollers are avilable in either carbon steel or polymer. Four sizes of radial wheels are available in either carbon steel or stainless steel. To download a MadeWell crown roller CAD file: To download a MadeWell crown roller CAD file: MadeWell crown rollers are listed under the DualVee integral wheel family. When the DualVee integral wheel product page appears, select "Integrated Shaft" in the "Type" field, then select "Crowned" in the "Wheel Style" field.

To download a MadeWell radial wheel CAD file:  MadeWell radial wheels are listed under the DualVee wheel family. When the DualVee collection product page appears, select "DualVee Wheels" then select "Radial Wheel".

Linear Guide Wheels - Crown Rollers and Radial Wheels

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Radial Wheel White Paper Revised 9-20-2012  




Introducing Crown Rollers

Whether used on their own or paired with our DualVee Motion Technology® product line, these crown rollers are made of high quality materials that stand the test of time in a variety of application environments. Designed to run on flat surfaces or in open channel track, the uses are limited only by your imagination.

MadeWell Crown Rollers can be used in conjunction with DualVee® Guide Wheels for applications requiring pairs of linear guide systems operating in parallel. Such arrangements are used when wide spans or high moment loads need to be supported. One slide uses DualVee Guide Wheels with vee channel track and the other uses MadeWell Crown Rollers with open channel track. Working in unison, the vee side serves as the primary guide while the roller side provides radial support to compensate for parallel misalignment. Because precise parallelism between paired guides is difficult to achieve, the usage of MadeWell Crown Rollers on one side instead of both sides using DualVee Guide Wheels compensates for mounting errors. To learn more, review the UtiliTrak® compact linear guide product catalog.

Specifications and Key Features:

  • Carbon steel and polymer versions are available in four sizes (0, 1, 2, 3) 
    • 52100 carbon steel, ground, double row, angular contact bearing arrangement
      (available sealed or shielded, internal lubrication)
    • High temperature polymer overmould of a stainless steel single-row bearing arrangement
  • Threaded mounting stud is integrated into inner race
  • Designed to run on flat surfaces
  • Open channel track optimized for usage with crown rollers are available
    • Available in 6063-T6 aluminum alloy channel for polymer crown rollers
    • Available in carbon bearing steel with hardened steel raceways for steel crown rollers
  • Concentric and eccentric versions are available


Crown Rollers



Introducing the Radial Wheel

The newest addition to the Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation® offering of linear and rotary motion components and systems. This single-row, deep-groove ball bearing design was created to meet the demand of customers requesting a cost-effective solution for applications with specified radial loading conditions. This major innovation makes it possible to put your design in motion accurately, quietly and economically with all the benefits of quality materials, durability and easy-to-use functionality.

Radial Wheels

[ Click here ] to read the white paper overview on MadeWell Radial Wheels


Specifications and Key Features:

  • Carbon steel and stainless steel versions are available in three sizes (1, 2, 3)
  • Materials used include high carbon tool steel (AISI 52100), high carbon martensitic stainless
  • steel (AISI 440 C), Nylon with fiberglass fill 25% (PA66 GF25) and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
  • Concentric mounting options only, designed to run on matching 90º vee edge track
  • Can be assembled with recommended standard screws and simple inner race spacers
    • Size-1: M5 Screws, M5 DIN 433 washers for mounting spacers
    • Size-2: 1/4” Screws, SAE type A 1/4” washers for mounting spacers
    • Size-3: M8 or 5/16” screws, M8 DIN 125 or SAE type A 5/16” washer for mounting spacers
  • Recommended maximum operating speed is 5.5 m/s
  • Recommended operating temperature range: -20ºC to +100ºC