Signature Experience

What is the Signature ExperienceTM?

The Bishop-Wisecarver Signature ExperienceTM provides a valued and distinctive service experience for our customers.

Foundational Elements:

  • Expert guidance on customized solution development and product selection that ensures the right design for your problem, providing documentation, design assumptions, and solution requirements
  • Confidence in your project schedule, eliminating uncertainty by being proactive in all communications from ideation to completion
  • Appreciation of your business, valuing the continued success of your project
Signature Experience

Signature ExperienceTM Promise

Signature Experience Promise

Why is the Signature ExperienceTM different?

Bishop-Wisecarver Employees have many years of experience working with customers, delivering the Signature Experience, and innovating to continuously improve your experience. Our aim is to offer reliability, increase efficiency, and build customer loyalty with every service we provide. We guarantee to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, because "your success is our success."

Our Mission

Diversity in Mechatronics

Our Purpose

To enhance the world through diversity in mechatronic solutions in harsh and extreme environments.

Our Core Values

  • Preserve Our Family Culture
    • Treat everyone like family
    • Invest in continuous learning
    • Celebrate our wins, have fun and laugh
    • Improve and support personal, team and community health
    • Support and give back to the mechatronics industry and our local Community

  • Embrace a Pioneering Spirit
    • Grit to explore new territories
    • Take risks, be courageous, and embrace failure
    • Willingness to explore outside our core competencies
    • Inspire creativity, unconventional and diverse thinking

  • Deliver a Signature ExperienceTM
    • Provide world-class service and products
    • Embrace customization - even for one (1) piece
    • Trust creates deep, long term relationships and brand advocates
    • Data drives personalized services and products to our customers

  • Need for Speed
    • Think SMARTly in all we do
    • Focus on progress, not perfection
    • Embrace and leverage technology
    • Be agile, work in sprints, create and learn faster

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