Signature Experience

What is the Signature Experience?

Signature Experience The Bishop-Wisecarver Signature Experience provides a valued and distinctive service experience for our customers.

Foundational Elements:

  • Expert guidance on customized solution development and product selection that ensures the right design for your problem, providing documentation, design assumptions, and solution requirements
  • Confidence in your project schedule, eliminating uncertainty by being proactive in all communications from ideation to completion
  • Appreciation of your business, valuing the continued success of your project

Why is the Signature Experience different?
Bishop-Wisecarver Employees have many years of experience working with customers, delivering the Signature Experience, and innovating to continuously improve your experience. Our aim is to offer reliability, increase efficiency, and build customer loyalty with every service we provide. We guarantee to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, because “your success is our success.”

Our Mission
We thrive on solving the toughest automation challenges that keep the world in motion.

As a family company in business for almost 70 years, we have a rich cultural history that has developed over time. As we continued to grow and expand as a company we felt the need to distill down our culture into a set of core values. These are a set of guiding principles for our company that shape or vision, strategic plan and who we hire to join our team.

We first defined our values back in 2009 and they have helped to shape and guide our decisions and goals ever since. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we continually revisit our values and refine them.

Our Core Values
  • Preserve our Family Culture
    • Treat each other and customers like family
    • We celebrate our wins with one another and have fun
    • Supporting and giving back to our community is essential
    • Our actions are consistent with our values regardless of the situation and whether anyone is around

  • Deliver a Signature Experience
    • We embrace customization – even for 1 piece
    • We believe trust creates long term relationships and brand advocates
    • We provide highly personalized services and products to our customers through data acquisition
    • We provide the highest quality product and services in our industry through direct engagement with our customers – building deep, long term relationships

  • Embrace the Pioneering Spirit
    • We uphold truth, honesty and authenticity
    • We are courageous, take risks and are not afraid to fail
    • We encourage creativity, unconventional thinking, continuous education
    • We have the grit to explore new territories and solutions outside our core competencies

  • Need for Speed
    • We think SMARTly in all our activities
    • We focus on progress not perfection, with a bias toward action
    • We are agile – we operate in sprints and fail fast with the end goal in mind

Expertly Designed, Delivered to Perform

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