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Engineering Services
WRW Engineering, a WBENC certified Bishop-Wisecarver Group comapny, is an engineering services company that works with industrial companies to create mechanical, electrical, and software engineering solutions.

WRW works with companies both nationally and internationally, employing top talent to achieve optimum results as well as developing valued relationships within the consumer market.

WRW delivers high quality services and systems in parallel with a highly refined business philosophy that emphasizes high efficiency and productivity, increasing value and overall productivity.


Creating a Complete Solution
"Our experience with WRW was very positive. Maxim Integrated, a semiconductor company, needed a powered slide to help evaluate several new products.

WRW provided not only the physical equipment but also the expertise to design the complete system for us.

We worked with the WRW Engineering team to determine the best slide for our needs, and with the fastest delivery time. WRW delivered the completed slide, motor, electronics package, and software (written to our specifications) on time, and we had the system up and running within 20 minutes of unpacking the box. It has been working flawlessly for several weeks and we are able to obtain data from our products which we could not otherwise get. We will definitely use WRW again when a need like this arises."

—Mark Lovell, Design Director

One-Stop Resource
WRW provides a single source solution of four key services that will optimize performance. Capabilities include:
  • Developing solutions and patents that can be applied to a wide range of problems
  • Devising practical and rich abstraction barriers (creating modular tools and systems)
  • Providing software hooks to facilitate interaction between our solution and customer's software
  • Engineering higher performance, and lower cost systems through embedded intelligence

    Engineering Services Include:
    • Complete turnkey systems
    • Embedded intelligence systems
    • Patentable solutions that optimize performance

    Innovative Solutions, Services and Management:
    • Mechanical, electrical and software integration
    • Design, modeling and analysis
    • Project management
    • Engineering services
    • Turnkey systems

What Makes Us Different
WRW understands the interplay between these three disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software development.

WRW designs and develops optimal embedded intelligence systems such as automated flexible testing stations, smart products and autonomous machines.

In addition to these services, WRW also offers modular and easily reconfigurable motion automation systems and subsystems. Through this holistic approach, WRW customers realize higher production efficiencies, faster time to market, and increased revenues.

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