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Bishop-Wisecarver engineering and manufacturing of linear & rotary motion solutions, custom complex assemblies, and embedded intelligence systems.

Rotary Guide Systems

Our innovative range of rotary motion products, including rotary motion guides and rotary actuators, are designed to save time when undertaking simple or complex assembly operations. Our ring slides and track rotary motion products eliminate the need for a number of linear movements, specifically where assembly operations are being carried out.

The PRT line offers complete ring and track rotary motion systems, with a full range of rings, segments, straight and curved slides that can be combined in a multitude of ways to create customized rotary motion solutions to follow virtually any path. Rings are precision ground with hardened V faces. Gear teeth may also be cut along the inner or outer diameter to actuate them. Two types of rotary motion systems are possible — rings may be mounted and held stationary, with a carriage moving along the ring, or rings can move around and be supported by fixed bearing assemblies. The assembled rotary actuator motion system is ideal for rotary table applications and medical equipment requiring rotary actuator motion.  

The DTS rotary actuator system utilizes oval and rectangular track systems and provides actuation by means of a high tensile strength timing belt. Rotary actuator motion may be continuous or intermittent to suit the application requirements. DTS rotary actuator systems are completely compatible with MCS framing. Other DTS rotary actuator options include AC geared motors, IEC frame gearboxes, pully bearing units, trip latches and sensor mounting brackets

HDRT provides rotary motion and rotary actuator systems for heavy duty applications. HDRT combines the flexibility and function of the PRT Precision Ring Slides and Track system with the size and strength of the HDS product line.

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  • HepcoMotion 1-Trak – Single Piece Track System

    SKU: 1-Trak
    PRT2 1-Trak Single Piece Track System by HepcoMotion
    An innovative technology from Hepcomotion has effectively changed the face of curvi-linear track design possibilities. Part of the highly successful PRT2 family of products, the new and patent pending 1-Trak product from HepcoMotion allows track systems to be manufactured in almost any conceivable 2D shape and from one single piece of material.

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  • HepcoMotion ALR – Aluminum Rings

    SKU: ALR
    ALR Rings are machined from high strength aluminum alloy and are anodized which gives an excellent combination of durability and corrosion resistance, and has an attractive finish. This surface is optimized to run with Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee polymer guide wheels. Stronger DualVee steel wheels will also fit, but their use is not generally recommended due to ring wear.

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  • HepcoMotion DTS – Driven Track System

    SKU: DTS
    DTS utilizes oval and rectangular track systems and provides actuation by means of a high tensile strength timing belt. Motion may either be continuous or intermittent to fit customer needs. Carriages are often fixed to the timing belt at equal pitch lengths, and in the event that a carriage's path is impeded, it will disengage from the drive. DTS may also be mounted to high strength aluminum beams. These DTS positioning table systems are fully compatible with MCS framing. Other accessories and options include IEC frame gearboxes, pulley bearing units, trip latches, and sensor mounting brackets.

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  • HepcoMotion HDRT – Heavy Duty Ring and Track

    HDRT combines the flexibility and function of the PRT Ring Slide and Track system with the size and strength of the HDS2 product line to support loads of up to 40kN (8,992 pounds).

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  • HepcoMotion PRT2 – Precision Ring and Track

    SKU: PRT2
    Introducing a substantially expanded range of precision ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components to suit virtually every rotary and track system application.

    Not all motion needs are linear, which is where PRT2 (Precision Ring and Track), DTS (Driven Track System), and commercial product lines come in. The PRT2 line offers rotary systems, while the DTS line offers actuated rotary systems. PRT2 was designed to solve rotary and continuous motion problems - Ring Slides for circular movement and Track Systems for combined linear and rotary motion applications.

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