Signature Motion Linear Actuators

Bishop-Wisecarver Signature Motion Linear Actuators (SMLA) are a diverse offering of premium and cost efficient actuators. Running the range from compact to precision all the way to heavy duty and even wet applications, SMLA actuators are engineered for a wide variety of industries, applications and challenges. SMLAs are made from the highest quality of materials including AISI certified carbon and stainless steel, extruded and anodized aluminum. They also feature multiple customization options such as controllers, home and limit switches, and mounting configurations to ensure ultimate control in the design of your system. For further convenience, all actuators are built to pair with NEMA motors.

SMLA XLA™ actuators are compact and engineered specifically for work in small envelopes. While XLA is designed for heavy duty capacities and robust performance built with maximum rigidity and feature versatile mounting options.

ECO60™ actuators are designed for high resistance to corrosive materials, caustic chemicals and heavy soft debris. Built with innovations such as sliding linear bearings, hardcoat aluminum, and the ability to be mounted in multiple orientations, ECO60™ can be used in a variety of applications.

SlickStick™ actuators are self-contained linear actuator designed for light loads in harsh or wet conditions, in a very small package. Based upon sliding elements, SlickStick™ is a low profile linear actuator with a stainless steel lead screw embedded into the center of a hard-coated aluminum shaft which is specially machined for the sliding linear bearings.

SimpleSlide™ and SteadyRail™ actuators use round rail technology, which allows for exceptionally smooth and efficient motion and long travel lengths. The linear ball bushing bearings provide high load capacity with very low friction. These actuators are ideal for assembly and automation applications where low cost and easy maintenance are a must.

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  • ECO60™ Linear Actuators

    SKU: ECO60-VerB
    Bishop-Wisecarver is excited to introduce the new and improved ECO60. This innovative and versatile actuator is designed to be hassle-free, simple and straightforward. We’ve worked hard to make the ECO60 more user-friendly and out-of-the-box ready. No longer will you have to struggle to assemble a multi-piece carriage and base because we consolidated it down to a single piece designs. Our integrated motor mount works with NEMA 17 and can be adapted to a NEMA 23 with a simple expansion flange. With our innovative t-slot extruded base, you now have the freedom to mount the limit sensors wherever you want. Our new ECO60 has all of the durability and compact robustness of its predecessor, but with more simplicity and freedom to make your project work the way you need it to.

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  • SlickStick™ Linear Actuators

    SKU: SlickStick-VerA
    Our entry level actuator has been reimagined and designed with the end user's time and ease in mind. Featuring an elegant and simplified single piece base extrusion that allows for both easy and flexible mounting as well as internal slots for cable routing, SlickStick can just as easily be used in a DIY home project as it can be used for a dusty machine. Don't struggle with any of the typical challenges that come with buying an actuator.
    • Integrated motor mount accepts NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 • Standard lengths from 6 to 48 inches in 6 inch increments • Lead screw driven with motorized packages
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  • XLA™ Linear Actuators

    SKU: XLA15
    • Ultra High Load Capacity, Compact Size
    • Ball Screw Drive and Profile Rail Linear Guides
    • Low Coefficient of Friction
    • Solid and Stiff Construction Materials
    • Precise and Repeatable

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