DualVee SWI Studded Wheel, Size 2, Eccentric, Polymer Overmolded Stainless Shielded

• Polymer overmolded stainless steel bearing

• Eccentric, adjustable position with hex feature

• Permanently attached threadded stud

• Single row ball bearings for light loads

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Additional Information

Description DualVee SWI series polymer overmoldedd studded wheels provide a simple method for mounting guide wheels in a precise and rigid fashion. Mount the studded wheel assembly in a reamed through hole and secure with a flange nut from the back side. Use with the eccentric version which has an offset shank to provide an adjustable position and allow wheel fit up adjustment to parallel guide track. Concentric version is for mounting to a fixed location. Assembly uses a stainless steel stud permanently attached to a stainless steel single row ball bearing with polymer overmolded double 90-degree angle wheel running surfaces. Excellent for light duty applications. Provides smooth and quiet operation.


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