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Linear Motion
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DualVee Motion Technology® (double row angular contact bearing) is designed for use in dirty and extreme environments. The once patented 90º vee edge guide wheel design creates a velocity gradient due to the range of contact diameters of the wheel. With the inner diameter traveling at a lower velocity than the outer, debris is naturally drawn outward. This velocity gradient causes a constant sweeping action, thus cleaning debris from the track.

DualVee guide wheels feature a constant radius ball bearing path, which minimizes vibration resulting in smooth running systems. The ground surface finish and induction heat treating of the wheels stainless and carbon steel components ensure a long lasting system. Composite polymer wheeled systems are also available for even quieter smooth motion systems. Check out these application stories on smooth motion!

  • Constant radius ball bearing path
  • Carbon, stainless steel and composite components
  • Low friction motion
  • Double row angular contact bearings