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Rotary Guide Wheels, Rings, Curved Segments and Straight Track, Scroll Driven

When your motion system throws you with a curve, what do you do? Not all motion needs are linear, that's we offer a full range of curvilinear based products. From rotary guide wheels, rings, curved segments and track, actuated systems and more, the possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. We specialize in custom solutions that fit your application needs to a vee.

  • Smooth and durable guide wheel-based motion
  • Complete and partial ring segments for rotary motion
  • Available straight slide segments can be combined with partial ring segments to create systems with curvilinear (linear and rotary) motion — create virtually any track path needed

Actuation options for rotary and curvilinear systemsCarbon, stainless steel and composite components Not all motion needs are linear, which is where HepcoMotion's PRT2, HDRT, and DTS product lines come in. This innovative range of rotary motion products combines the smooth, low friction, low noise characteristics of guide wheel technology with curved motion profiles. These products allow users to create everything from simple rotary guides to complex, actuated systems with both rotary and straight sections. A single HepcoMotion rotary motion system can potentially replace multiple linear systems in applications requiring multiple straight-line movements, enabling systems to have simpler designs and lower overall costs.

What is Rotary Motion? Check out this video playlist on our YouTube channel — see the various possibilities with using
rings, curved segments and straight track. From heavy duty to light duty, and everything in between, we've got it all.

The PRT2 and HDRT product lines offer full and partial ring segments for rotary motion; partial ring and straight slide segments can be combined to create complex curvilinear motion profiles for guide carriages to follow. The Rings and slides in both product lines are manufactured from high quality carbon or stainless steel, zone hardened on the vee edges, and precision ground all over. Ring and slide segments have mating keyways at their ends to permit easy installation and alignment of sequential segments. Rings also have inside and outside diameter datum register faces to facilitate coaxial alignment with external components. Integrated racks are an option on rings.

The HepcoMotion rotary product lines offer options for actuation. PRT2 and HDRT rings are available with integrated racks machined into their inside or outside diameter, permitting rings to be directly turned with a pinion gear. The DTS product line provides an extensive array of add-on components that can convert virtually any undriven curvilinear PRT2 or HDRT system into a fully actuated system.

Rotary Motion — Ring Guides, Ring Track, Curvilinear Motion Components