SteadyRail™ Linear Stages

• Low cost and low maintenance

• Added drive components for stand alone functionality

• Ball screw drive mechanisms integrated

• Available as a complete motion system

• Low coefficient of friction at 0.003 typical

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SteadyRail is a low cost linear motion solution that utilizes both round shafting and ball bearing based bushings to provide smooth, low friction motion. With an emphasis on simplicity and durability, SteadyRail is available in several different stages and versions making it a motion solution that can do it all. Use SteadyRail as an un-driven linear guide or as a ball screw driven linear actuator with the easy attachment of a NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 motor. Save design time and simplify your supply chain with pre-configured SteadyRail motion systems that have standardized hole patterns for mounting and attaching.

SteadyRail comes standard with self-aligning pillow block bearings in several different sizes as well as in several different support options. Each size includes eithe single or double wide pillow blocks in a standard series for simple installation, adjustable series with adjustable clearance, or the open series for long stroke applications. Additionally, SteadyRail is available with four different end support systems including end supported, continuously supported, double end supported, and double continuously supported.


• Travel ranges from 6" to 42" stroke length

• Unsupported or continuously supported round shaft linear bearings

• Carbon or stainless steel shafting in several diameters and load capacities

• Undriven or with ball screw drive mechanisms with various diameters and lead pitch

• Motor mount flanges and shaft coupler combinations

• Precision machined and anodized aluminum components

Control Packages
BWC can supply complete and affordable linear motion systems. The continuously supported 3B systems can be supplied with stepper motors, servo motors, controllers, drives and even an HMI user interface. We use standard motor mounting configurations for these continuously supported systems.

Product Numbering Scheme

SteadyRail Product Numbering Scheme

Stage 3 Double End Supported Systems
The Stage 3 Type B systems are double end supported motion stages with ball screw drive mechanisms. The round linear shafting is supported at both ends, and is unsupported along the stroke length.

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