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Bishop-Wisecarver engineering and manufacturing of linear & rotary motion solutions, custom complex assemblies, and embedded intelligence systems.

Info Graphics

This series of printer-friendly posters created by our in-house marketing team gives you a fun, visual rundown of our linear and rotary guide products, and related engineering topics.





Fun Facts About Manufacturing


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 Women in Small Business Month

Women In Small Business Month
[ November 2013 ]


California Manufacturing - National Manufacturing Day

High-tech California Manufacturing
[ October 2013 ]

Get Ready for National Manufacturing Day!
[  September 2013 ]

Bishop-Wisecarver Infographics

Lean and Green Manufacturing
[ July 2013 ]

Bishop-Wisecarver Infographics

STEM Education in the U.S.
[ June 2013 ]

Industrial Distribution
Industrial Distribution

[ May 2013 ]  

ABCs of Woodworking
National Woodworking Month
[ April 2013

Coming Soon - Engineering Infographic
Start Learning Science
[ March 2013 ]

Coming Soon - Engineering Infographic
Supporting STEM Careers and Beyond!

 [ February 2013 ]

The 2013 FIRST Robotics Program
The 2013 FIRST Robotics Program
[ February 2013 ]

 Manufacturing Matters

Manufacturing Matters
[ January 2013 ]


Manufacturing Renaissance
Manufacturing Renaissance
[ December 2012 ]

Ten Facts from NASA in Honor of National Science Month - Engineering Infographic

In Honor of National Science Month
[ May 2012 ]
FIRST Robotics Competition - - Engineering Infographic

The 2012 FIRST Robotics Program
 [ April 2012 ]


Lean Manufacturing Infographic - An Introduction, 5S

Intro to Lean Manufacturing
[ March 2012 ]

Precision Screw Driven - Engineering Infographic

Screw Driven Actuation Options
[ February 2012 ]
Linear Guide Wheel - Infographics

The Original DualVee Guide Wheel
 [ January 2012 ]