1. Interview with Science Fair Most Creative Award Winner, Thomas Chow, 15

    Interview with Science Fair Most Creative Award Winner, Thomas Chow, 15
    If your visions of science fair projects include paper mache volcanoes with some colored liquid dribbling out the top, it is time to get a 21st century view. As part of Bishop-Wisecarver’s ongoing support of STEM education, we recently helped sponsor the Contra Costa County Science and Engineering Fair (CCCSEF). More than 200 students showcased 145 projects at the 11th annual event held at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, Calif. BWG was a business sponsor for the Most Creative Award category given to both age levels in the competition.
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  2. East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (EBAMP)

    When I mention that I work in the manufacturing industry, many people are genuinely surprised. They don’t realize manufacturing is still an incredibly large and growing – yes, growing – industry that is desperately trying to find enough workers to fill current and projected openings and the wages and benefits are usually higher than average.
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  3. Industrial Careers Pathway

    Industrial Careers Pathway
    “What are your plans after graduation?” It’s a question heard often this time of year as high school students are finishing tests, signing yearbooks and making plans for the next chapter in their lives. Do they choose college, tech school, career or travel? Do they have enough information to help make such choices?
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  4. Bishop-Wisecarver Strike Out Cancer

    Bishop-Wisecarver Strike Out Cancer
    Strikes, spares and gutter balls mixed with laughter, competition and team spirit to raise $4000 in the fight against cancer!
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  5. Sites and Sounds from Manufacturing Day 2015

    Sites and Sounds from Manufacturing Day 2015
    “This place looks totally different than I expected.”
    “I didn’t realize there were so many different types of jobs.”
    “That could be my starting salary? No way!”
    “There are how many job openings?”
    “This is fun. I could do this job.”

    These questions and comments could be heard throughout our manufacturing site earlier this month as Bishop-Wisecarver again participated in the national Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) event.
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  6. Celebrating 65 Years of Service

    Since 1950, Bishop-Wisecarver has grown tremendously in terms of staff, our product offerings and the milestones we've achieved. As we approach the 65th anniversary this month, we are reflecting on how this all started and look forward to a future of continued growth.
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  7. Learning From the Not-So-Secret Lives of Scientists

    Have you ever drawn inspiration from someone else's story? Chances are that learning about what someone went through made you appreciate the person they are today. And, like all effective storytelling, it probably made you reflect on changes you could make in your own life, or steps you could take to fulfill your own goals.
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  8. Being a Leader Means Being Authentic - My Thoughts From WBENC 2015

    Being a Leader Means Being Authentic - My Thoughts From WBENC 2015
    ”Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet – thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing – consistently. This builds trust, and followers love leaders they can trust.” – Lance Secretan
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  9. Don Draper and the Value of Free Days

    Don Draper and the Value of Free Days
    From the very first episode I was hooked on Mad Men. I loved the clothes, the sense of style, and the great story lines. Being a Kellogg School of Management alumnus, I definitely have a soft spot for anything regarding marketing. So this show, which revolved around the drama of a marketing agency, was perfect for me in so many ways.
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  10. Put Your Money on the Future

    Put Your Money on the Future
    As we see kids head back to school it reminds me of my role as a business leader to invest and support our next generation of team members. As a woman running manufacturing, distribution and engineering companies I see a real gap in the education and experiences we are providing to our kids.
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