1. Finally, an Alternative to Costly Slewing Rings!

    Finally, an Alternative to Costly Slewing Rings!
    When it comes to automating heavy loads, there aren't many options for large capacity bearings. Slewing ring bearings are often the go-to because they come in large diameters and can withstand enormous payloads. But they're extremely expensive. They have long lead times, ranging from four to six months on average. They're also tricky to assemble and require an inordinate level of maintenance.
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  2. Reducing Downtime in Packaging Automation

    Reducing Downtime in Packaging Automation
    You know that feeling when you're driving through the backroads, trying to get around freeway rush hour, only to hit every single red light? Like, Every. Single. Stop. Lost time and frustration fulminate into road rage and you wonder why you didn't just take the train.
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  3. Pi Day 2015 – Combining Math & Food for a Celebration of the Century

    Full disclosure, math is not my best subject, in fact it ruined my chances at becoming a pharmacist, but when 3.14.15 comes around only once in a century, we need to celebrate! While I may not be stellar at math I love STEM and making sure our kids are getting a great STEM based experience in school. So we combined two of our favorite subjects – math and food – and built the first ever Bishop-Wisecarver Pie Making Machine in honor of Pi Day 2015. You won’t find it added to our sales catalog just yet, but you can check out what products we used to build it in a list I’ve included below.
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  4. DualVee Vacuum Wheels Nominated for Golden Mousetrap Award

    The Golden Mousetrap Awards recognizes technologies driving progress in the design and manufacturing field. The program, hosted by UBM Canon, awards companies contributing to the renaissance of American manufacturing and promotes engineering and manufacturing as viable career paths for the next generation.
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