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SlickStick™ Linear Actuator, 6" Travel, 1.0" Lead Screw Pitch, Home and Limit Switches

• Self-contained linear actuator with sliding element

• Stainless Steel Lead Screw with 1.0" Pitch

• Travel length of 6"

• Includes NEMA 17 motor mount flange

• Includes home and travel limit sensors

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The SlickStick is a highly unique self-contained linear actuator designed for light loads and harsh or wet conditions in a very small package. It is capable of high speeds and is fully adjustable and field repairable. Based upon sliding elements, the SlickStick is a low profile linear actuator with a stainless steel lead screw embedded into the center of a hard-coated aluminum shaft which is specially machined for the sliding linear bearings. The result is a light weight actuator featuring good load carrying characteristics, good accuracy and good stiffness under compressive and tension loading.

SlickStick is ideal for entry-level actuator applications with light loads or non-contact requirements such as spraying or sensing equipment.

Standard travel ranges are available from 6" to 65" and available in a choice of lead screw pitches. The 0.5" lead screw pitch is intended for most general purpose applications, and the 1.0" pitch version is intended for high speed positioning. SlickStick includes the standard NEMA 17 motor mount designed for stepper motors to quickly get the actuator moving. Larger NEMA 23 motor mount flange is available for higher performance requirements.

Includes the optional home and travel limit sensors. Gantry attachment is simplified for multi-axis installations using the standardized XY bracket. Service and repair parts are available in a kit of parts to extend the service life of the actuator.

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