QuickTrak Wheel Mounting Kit, QTS Single Edge, Size 2

• Used to mount guide wheels to t-slot extrusions

• Kit contains all the necessary hardware to mount 2 wheels

• Includes snap-fit wheel cover with track wiping foams

• Slotted bushings with wide flange accept wheel covers

• Pair of t-bars allow wide placement for QTS single edge

• Includes bottle of lubricating oil

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QuickTrak wheel mounting kits contain all of the parts necessary to attach 90° guide wheels into t-slot extrusions and are ideal when used with the QuickTrak wheel plate extrusion. The wheel mounting kit should be purchased in quantities of 2 each. Each kit contains 2 guide wheels, 1 eccentric bushing, 1 concentric bushing, 2 snap-fit wheel covers with track wiping foams and nylon locating bolts, 1 threaded t-bar and other necessary hardware. To assemble, simply slide the t-bar into a t-slot extrusion, tighten the pointed set screws to lock the position, attach the wheels using the bushings and then snap on the wheel cover. QTD version contains 1 t-bar precisely machined to mount the guide wheels in the correct locations for use with the QTD double edge track. QTS version contains 2 t-bars and they are used to mount the guide wheels at user specified locations along the t-slot for spanning wide opening and for use with the QTS single edge track.

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