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T RACE LA Series

MONORACE LA-Series linear guide system is designed to be a cost-effective motion solution. LA-Series profile rails are made of T-NOX treated carbon steel offers a variety of roller carriages to fit your application needs. LA-Series can guarantee accurate and smooth motion even at high speeds. LA-Series also has options for stainless steel. 
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LA Series Overview

MONORACE LA Series linear guides are designed to be a low cost linear solution with good load handling capabilities for a variety of applications and environments. The rail is made by precision roll forming steel sheet into precision shape. Several materials and finishes are available. Mounting holes are located at 80mm spacing and button head Allen screws, or flat head M-TORX screws are recommended for mounting. LAN and LUN rails are are made from carbon sheet steel and are shaped by high precision, ultra-smooth forming rollers. They are then case hardened using our revolutionary TRACE-NOX nitriding and black oxidizing process to ensure an extended lifetime and excellent corrosion resistance. LAZ rails are also made from carbon sheet steel but are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. LAX rails are made from 300 series stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance.

High Quality Black Hardening Treatment Anti-Corrosion Technology
All T RACE products are based on innovative production process for the basic profiles. The rails are all completely surface hardened. The innovative hardening treatment also offers a standard high wear and corrosion protection, assuring long life for the whole system. Black surface obtained by thermochemical process without filler or coating material, no detachment.

  • Innovative black hardening treatment
  • Black high quality corrosion protection
  • Higher load capacity
  • Faster and quieter movement
  • Greater design freedom
  • Longer component life
  • Greater dust protection
  • Lower maintenance
  • Wear resistance
  • Self lubrication
  • Aesthetically pleasing black finishing
  • Preload keeping

Slider Carriage Designs

Sliders are available in 3-roller and 5-roller configurations.

    • In the 3-roller version, the two lateral rollers run on the same raceway while the central roller runs on the opposite raceway. The lateral rollers are fixed, concentric rollers, while the central roller has an eccentric pivot for preload adjustment.
    • In the 5-roller version, the two lateral rollers and the central roller are fixed concentric rollers and run on the same raceway, while the second and fourth rollers run on the opposite raceway and have eccentric axles for preload adjustment.

The asymmetric arrangement of the rollers means that the two sides of the slider have different load capacities. Sliders must therefore be oriented correctly on assembly. Maximum radial load capacity is achieved by orienting the slider so that radial load acts in the direction of the raceway contacted by the largest number of rollers. The side of the slider capable of supporting the greater load is identified by two relief dots.

TRACE LAN 3-Roller Slider

Lubricating Wipers
Robust elastomer raceway wipers are fitted at both ends of the slider to protect the rollers and keep the raceways clean. The wipers incorporate oil-impregnated felt pads to keep the points of contact between raceway and roller properly lubricated, even for the lifetime of the rail. Wipers are held in place by a simple clip and can be removed and replaced easily.

Linear Rail DesignsLUN Series Rails Design

The LAN and LUN series rails are made from sheet steel and shaped by high precision, ultra-smooth forming rollers. They are then fully nitrided, black oxidised and impregnated with rust inhibitor for maximum corrosion resistance. The LAN series rail features a c-shape profile with vee raceway surfaces to provide accurate guiding motion. The LUN series rail features a u-shape profile with flat raceways to provide a floating motion which allows for slight misalignment errors in mounting.


Rail Material Choices
LA series rails are available in three material choices. The standard version is the LAN and LUN designation which are made from nitride hardened carbon steel. The LAZ version is available with the same nitride hardened carbon steel but features a Zinc plating. There is also the LAX version which is made from AISI 303 stainless steel material.


Rail Mounting Holes
Rail mounting holes have an 80 mm pitch. Either ISO 7380 button head Allen screws or T-RACE flat head M-TORX series screws can be used.


What is the LA Series and how is it different from the MR Series or ML Series?

Great question! It's easiest to think of them as different classes within the same MONORACE product family. 

  • MR Series is the high performance or premium class
  • ML Series is the standard class
  • LA Series is the entry level class


How many rail options are available in the LA Series?

There are four rail options available in the LA Series. 

  • LAZ series rails are made of zinc plated steel, and because of that are a much lower cost solution. They feature internal protected raceways, good load capacities and are very easy to assemble. 
  • LAX series rails are constructed entirely of stainless steel making them an ideal solution for corrosive environments. They are dimensionally identical to the LAZ series.
  • LAN series rails are guiding rails made from sheet steel and then treated with the TRACE-NOX coating. They feature four points of contact for rollers for high capacity performance. 
  • LUN series rails are open profile floating rails. They are also made of TRACE-NOX treated sheet steel and feature two points of contact. This provides linear motion radially but allows for axial float.


What exactly is the TRACE-NOX treatment?

TRACE-NOX treatment is a proprietary metal treatment used exclusively by T RACE. It is a nitriding and black oxidizing process that ensures excellent corrosion resistance and extended lifetime of the product. 


What kind of stainless steel is used for the LAX Series?

LAX rails and slider bodies are made from 300 series stainless steel. The rollers are made from 440C stainless steel. 


How many sizes are available for LA Series rails?

LAZ and LAX rails are available in sizes 26 and 40, while LAN and LUN are available in 26, 30 and 40. 


Are there sliders in the LA Series?

Yes! Both LAZ and LAX have their own slider series. Both are equipped with three rollers and feature an eccentric middle roller that is used to adjust the slider preload. The slider, like the rails, are dimensionally identical. LAN series rail and LUN series rail both use PAN sliders.

Do the rollers come with any kind of protection?

Stainless steel rollers, available in the PAX slider, come with 2RS seals and lubricated for life with mineral oil for alimentary application or low temperature applications. 

The rollers that are available in the PAN slider come equipped with a 2Z rated metal shield. 

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