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T RACE MR Series

MONORACE MR-Series is a high-performance linear roller system. Engineered for precision, low noise and smooth motion, MR-Series is an excellent solution for a variety of applications. MR-Series features high strength steel that has been hardened with the innovative T RACE-NOX 1.0 high depth nitride hardening process leaving the results of a very hard, durable, corrosion resistant linear rail that is capable of heavy and exacting work.  

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The T RACE MONORACE MR Series linear rail system consists of a C-section steel rail with internal convex raceways, where robust double row ball bearing rollers travel. The high precision rollers are lubricated for life and are protected with 2RS seals. Sliders are available with three or five rollers, including eccentrics to adjust the bearing preload. Both ends of the sliders are equipped with polyamide wipers to remove debris from the raceway and grease impregnated felt wipers to lubricate the raceways for long service live with minimal maintenance.

The MR rail system is especially equipped for harsh environments where contamination is a problem. Most bearing systems utilize a groove that a roller or ball travel within. These grooves capture and hold debris that eventually cause the bearing to fail. The convex raceway of the MR Series provides a place for debris and other contaminates to be pushed aside by the rollers. this feature enables the MR Series to function in environments where other bearings quickly fail.

High Quality Black Hardening Treatment Anti-Corrosion Technology
All T RACE products are based on innovative production process for the basic profiles. The rails are all completely surface hardened. The innovative hardening treatment also offers a standard high wear and corrosion protection, assuring long life for the whole system. Black surface obtained by thermochemical process without filler or coating material, no detachment.

  • Innovative black hardening treatment
  • Black high quality corrosion protection
  • Higher load capacity
  • Faster and quieter movement
  • Greater design freedom
  • Longer component life
  • Greater dust protection
  • Lower maintenance
  • Wear resistance
  • Self lubrication
  • Aesthetically pleasing black finishing
  • Preload keeping


MR Series Linear Rails

MR Series Rails are made in 3 sizes 18mm, 28mm and 43mm with two types of mounting holes: MR .. L with counterbored mounting holes for special low head TORX mounting screws that are provided with the rail. MR .. S with countersunk mounting holes for UNI-standard ISO5933 fasteners. The rail has a “C” shaped cross-section with interior, convex raceways. The convex raceways are polished for smooth, low noise motion. The interior raceways are protected from accidental bumps and other damages, that can spoil the surface. The shape also protects the rollers from similar types of damages.

MR Series Rails are made from carbon steel that is hardened through high depth nitriding. The rails are then treated with the innovative TRACE-NOX process, which delivers excellent corrosion resistance. This treatment is not a plating which can flake off but instead penetrates and alters the material surface. The result is a very hard and durable, corrosion resistance linear rail, that is black in color, due to the micro-impregnation of oil and antioxidants. 

MR Series Sliders

MR Series Sliders are available with either 3 or 5 rollers. For the 3 roller version, the first and third roller are fixed, concentric rollers that run on the same raceway. The second roller is eccentric and runs on the opposite roller. The eccentric feature is used to adjust the slider preload in the rail. For the 5 roller version, the two lateral and the central roller are fixed, and run on the same raceway. The second and fourth roller are eccentric and run on the opposite raceway. Because one raceway contacts more rollers than the other raceway, the sliders have a preferred loading direction. The sliders are marked with two small circular notches indicating the direction witht he most rollers and direction of preferred loading. Care during assembly is required to ensure the maximum load capacity of the system is achieved.

Robust elastomer raceway wipers are fitted at both ends of the slider to protect the rollers and keep the raceways clean. The wipers incorporate oil-impregnated felt pads to keep the points of contact between raceway and roller properly lubricated, even for the lifetime of the rail. Wipers are held in place by a simple clip and can be removed and replaced easily.


Slider Series: RV, RA, RP, RU

MR Series RV

R. Slider Series are made of zinc plated steel with mounting holes parallel to the roller axis and perpendicular to the direction  of preferred loading. The sliders have sealed rollers, axial wipers, and longitudinal seals for optimal protection of the internal parts and a sealing strip to prevent accidental tampering of the fixed rollers. The R Series Sliders are available in 3 sizes and with either 3 or 5 rollers

Slider Series: RVT, RAT, RPT, RFT


R.T Slider Series are made of zinc plated steel with mounting holes perpendicular to the roller axis and parallel with the direction of preferred loading. The sliders have sealed rollers and axial wipers for protection of the internal parts. The R.T Series Sliders are available in 2 sizes and with either 3 or 5 rollers.

Slider Series: RVS, RAS, RPS, RFS


R.S Slider Series have a very slim body to obtain the most compact slider possible, without sacrificing performance. They also offer both threaded and through hole mounting options. The standard slider body is made from zinc plated steel bu is also available in all stainless steel construction for higher corrosion resistance. The R.S Series Sliders are available in 2 sizes, 2 materials, and with either 3, 4 or 5 rollers.

T RACE MR Slider Contact Points

Guiding Sliders

By utilizing all guiding rolelrs RV, RTV, and RSV sliders are obtained. They are fully constrained and will support loads and moments in all directions with the greatest capacity in the radial direction.

Floating Sliders

By utilizing all floating rollers to construct RP, RSP, and RTP sliders are obtained. These sliders are able to carry full load in the radial direction and also float and rotate a small amount in the rail without affecting the preload of quality of the movement and without binding. Floating sliders are used in 2 rail systems to absorb parallelism errors in the mounting surfaces. For size 43 sliders, RF, RFT, and FRS sliders are available which allow even greater axial displacement.

Rotating Sliders

By mixing guiding and floating rollers to construct RA, RSA, and RTA sliders are obtained. These sliders are able to carry full load in the radial direction and also rotate slightly without affecting the preload or quality of movement. These sliders also retain the ability to guide the payload as it travels. Rotating sliders are used in 2 rail systems to absorb angular errors in the mounting surfaces, that cause traditional bearings to bind.


By combining a floating and rotating slider together in a 2 rail system, the MR rail system can carry and guide a full payload while compensating for parallelism and angular errors in the rail mounting surfaces. These types of errors are often found when mounting to welded frames, structural aluminum frames, sheet metal structures, etc. The self alignment capability can eliminate the need to machine the rail munting surfaces.

T RACE MR Slider Alignment

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