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FLEXRACE FXRG Series roller linear system offers maximum configuration flexibility due to it's unique and innovative nonagonal shape. Rails are equipped with 3 raceways arranged at 90-degree angles to one another, each capable of sustaining independently functioning roller slides. FXRG Series is constructed of high strength steel hardened with T RACE NOX, further improving both performance and durability.

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FXR Series

FXRG Series Flexible Linear System Overview

FLEXRACE FXRG is a very flexible linear system with unique assembly possibilities which provides an extremely versatile linear system, with a great variety of rail/roller configurations for a wide range of applications. FLEXRACE is designed to be a strong and simple multitask linear system for larger handling and automation applications. It is a low-cost, easy to assemble system that offers smooth motion even on inaccurate surfaces.

The FXRG rail allows for many different rail configurations, with self-alignment. Depending on space and capacity requirements, two roller sizes are available, size 43-63. For corrosive conditions INOX rollers are available in size 43. 
FXR Series 




High Quality Black Hardening Treatment Anti-Corrosion Technology
All T RACE products are based on innovative production process for the basic profiles. The rails are all completely surface hardened. The innovative hardening treatment also offers a standard high wear and corrosion protection, assuring long life for the whole system. Black surface obtained by thermochemical process without filler or coating material, no detachment.

  • Innovative black hardening treatment
  • Black high quality corrosion protection
  • Higher load capacity
  • Faster and quieter movement
  • Greater design freedom
  • Longer component life
  • Greater dust protection
  • Lower maintenance
  • Wear resistance
  • Self lubrication
  • Aesthetically pleasing black finishing
  • Preload keeping

FXRG Rail Design

The rail is made from special high strength carbon steel alloy to assure a good nitride hardening with our T RACE-NOX treatment. An innovative hardening technology applied to the linear rail products are able to increase the hardness on the surface and in depth, enough to guarantee to support the typical Hertz's stress in the point of contact with the rollers, and to grant a strong resistance against corrosion, reduce the friction and resulting wear, and enable a long service life of the rail. After nitride hardening the rails are processed with an oxidation treatment and subsequently a hot-oil impregnation to assure a nice black color and a high corrosion resistance. Mounting holes are located at 160mm spacing.


Rail lengths up to 2500mm long are able to ship via UPS and can be processed through the BWC online store. Longer lengths, up to 4.0 meters long can be process by our customer service department with other arranged trucking services.


T RACE FXR Rail Dimensions


Lubrication Recommendations

The correct lubrication of rails and rollers is very important to assure long life of the products. In the case of high frequency applications it is suggested to clean the raceways and rollers and re-lubricate approximately every 100,000 cycles under normal operating conditions. We suggest using grease for high precision applications of type NLGI2 (ISO2137).


Mounting Flexibility

The FXRG rail allows for many different rail mounting configurations to support moment loads with 2 or more parallel rails. Simply attach the rails to plan or tubular supports to create the guideway and attach the rollers to carriers for running on the rails. With the unique triple raceways, very compact and space saving linear solutions can be obtained. The below illustrated configurations are examples of customized assembly solutions. These solutions can also be made locally by the end user from the components of FXRG rails and rollers. If requested BWC can assist with engineering calculations to assure the correct dimensions to accommodate specific load and moment capacities. The main advantage is that linear guide solutions with very high Mx moment load capacities can be easily designed and assembled.

FXR Series

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What is T RACE FXRG Series?

T RACE FXRG Series is a flexible linear system, and no that doesn’t mean the rail is bendy. When we say flexible we mean that the series is extremely versatile allowing for greater control of rail and roller configurations.

What does the “G” in FXRG stand for?

The “G” in FXRG stands for Gothic, which is the unique and innovative shape of the rail. This multi-surface concave shape is designed to offer the smoothest motion even on inaccurate surfaces.

Are there any special materials or processes that go into making FXRG rails?

There are! Like the rest of the T RACE product lines, FXRG is made from a special carbon steel alloy and features the exclusive T RACE-NOX nitride hardening treatment.
After the nitride hardening the rails are processed with an oxidation treatment and then a hot-oil impregnation to assure high corrosion resistance as well as a sleek black aesthetic.

What kind of roller options can I get with FXRG?

Several! FXRG rails work hand in hand with the R.V guiding roller, the R.P floating roller and the R.F free floating roller. It all comes down to what you want for your application.

Can I use different size rollers on the same FXRG rail?

Yes, FXRG rail is capable of being used with R. rollers sized at 18, 28, 43 and 63!

Do FXRG rails or rollers need any sort of maintenance?

A little bit. In order to ensure long life of the products it is suggested, for high frequency applications, to clean raceways and rollers as well as re-lubricate approximately every 100,000 cycles (in normal operation conditions).

Is there a specific grease that I should use to re-lubricate?

As long as your reaching for grease meant for high precision, preferably in the ISO2137 class, you are in the clear.

Are there any applications that FXRG works especially well in?

FLEXRACE, as a product line, was designed to be a low-cost and easy to assemble system. FXRG Series is an ideal motion solution for larger handling and automation applications! 

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