XLA™ Linear Actuators

• Ultra High Load Capacity, Compact Size

• Ball Screw Drive and Profile Rail Linear Guides

• Low Coefficient of Friction

• Solid and Stiff Construction Materials

• Precise and Repeatable

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The XLA™ Linear Actuators are the most robust of all standard Signature Motion stages to date! There are two standard frame sizes including the XLA™ 9 and the larger XLA™ 15.


The XLA™ actuators were designed as standalone Y-axis motion stages for gantry applications and they are extremely rigid, eliminating the cost of structural support over longer spans. They are constructed for a wide variety of applications requiring ultra-high capacity in a compact envelope and can provide exceptional structural strength even when used without support. The linear profile rail guides and ball screw drive mechanism provide very accurate and repeatable motion. 

Heavy Duty Load Capacity & Small Footprint
The XLA™ 9 has a static capacity exceeding 3,500 lbs. and a dynamic capacity of more than 2,300 lbs. based upon 2 million inches of travel life in a unit with an envelope of 1.99" tall and 3.75" wide.
The XLA™ 15 has a static capacity exceeding 14,000 lbs. and a dynamic capacity of more than 9,500 lbs. based on 2 million inches of travel life in a unit with an envelope of less than 3" tall and 6" wide.

Moment Load Compensation™ negates the effects of applied moment, instead making offset loads into an equivalent vertical load. Moment Load Compensation™ makes slide life easy to calculate and consistent.

Travel Lengths

The actuator travel length can be specified in any 1" increment. The XLA 9 has a minimum stroke of 3" and a maximum stroke of 34" while the XLA 15 can be between 3" minimum and 99" maximum. Custom length XLA 15 actuators have a theoretical maximum lenght of 110" and can be manufactured under close BWG engineering support. Excessively long travel lengths require very long unsupported ball screws and screw whip vibrations will limit the maximum attainable speed.

Rigid Construction

The XLA™ actuators are built using Signature Motion Rigid Plus™ extrusions that are designed to provide exceptional structural strength even when used without support. The XLA™ series is seen as a solution to cross axis applications where the Rigid Plus™ extrusion enables the actuators to become a structural member without the need for expensive base mounting structures. This feature makes the XLA™  perfect for a cross-axis, or Y-axis, on a gantry applications.



All XLA™ series products incorporate t-slot channels along the full length of the base. This bilateral channel allows for quick and easy adjustment of limit switches and/or other peripheral add-ons. The channels located on the underside of the base are configured in such a way at to allow for simplified mounting into an X-Y configuration. 

Multiple axis units can be easily joined without the need for additional mounting plates. The mounting holes in the XLA™ carriage match mounting holes in the XLA™ base. 

The XLA™ can be mounted in X-Y and Z configurations with the optional Signature Motion Z bracket.


A close examination of the simflex™ top carriage mounting system reveals a unique top down or bottom up mounting method making attachment of your devices to the XLA™ a simple, flexible process. 


Environmental Compatibility

The XLA™ actuators corporates an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum base and are constructed with carbon steel screws, fasteners and components (stainless steel options are available). Upon special request, XLA™ can be configured with a stainless steel ball screws, profile guide rails and end support bearings for additional environmental corrosion resistance.

• 5mm lead and 10mm lead options.
• Ball screw drive.
• Home and limit switches.


Product Number Schemes

XLA15 Part Numbering Scheme

XLA9 Part Numbering Scheme


Dimensional Drawing for XLA9


Dimensional Drawing for XLA15

Dimensional Drawing



Load Capacity Ratings


Dynamic Load Capacity Chart


XLA15 Dynamic Load Rating Chart

Statlic Load Capacity Chart


XLA15 Static Load Rating Chart

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