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TwinLite™ Linear Actuators

• Light weight rail design with large debris clearance holes

• Sliding element linear bearings on aluminum shafting

• Lead screw drive mechanism

• Travel strokes from 4" to 40"

• Compact overall height of 2.92" (horizontal)

• Great for contaminated or wet environments

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The Twinlite actuator was designed to be a light weight motion stage for low load applications. It can be mounted in a vertical, horizontal or lateral orientations and is available in standard travel lengths from 4 inch to 40 inches in 4 inch increments. The linear guide rail is machined from aluminum and has large oval holes to reduce the overall weight and allow debris to pass through. The rail supports a parallel pair of Hardcoat aluminum shaft guideways for the sliding element linear bearings which provides for smooth and low friction motion.

Benefits of Linear Bearings
The sliding element linear bearigns are vibration dampening, dirt-resistant, self-lubricating, and maintenance free. They are designed for extremely "Dirty" applications, and moist or wash-down conditions. The Twinlite linear actuator is also chemically resistant to many environments including alcohol, chlorinated hydro-carbons, greases, oils, and fuels.

Hardcoat™ Shafting
The Hardcoat™ shafting is made from light weight aluminum with precision ground tolerances and then plated with a proprietary anodizing process. The Hardcoat™ Shafting is attached to a light weight 6061 aluminum rail  that is designed to handle light loads. Adjustable screws on the moveable carriage assmmbly can pre-load the polymer bearings against the Hardcoat™ shafting for minimal clearance and maximum rigidity. 

• Home & limit switches
• Drive motor and controller options
• Customized machining and assembly

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