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As the inventor of DualVee Motion Technology, Bishop-Wisecarver offers one of the widest range of guide wheel components in the world. Our offerings are suitable for numerous applications, such as machine designs that require incorporating a component or linear product into the machine structure. We also offer motor mounts to accommodate your drive needs. Carbon, stainless steel and polymer versions are available to fit any application environment.

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  • DualVee® - Linear Vee Groove Guide Wheels

    SKU: DualVee
    For reliable and dynamic linear motion, Bishop-Wisecarver’s innovative DualVee guide wheel design is unparalleled. This inspired ball bearing based guide wheels provides quiet, low friction motion in even the most extreme conditions. Coming in a diverse array of sizes, materials and complete with flexible mounting options, you are free to customize your system to your exact specifications and needs. Allow Bishop-Wisecarver to provide you Motion Without Limits with one of the many offerings from our DualVee Motion Technology product line.
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  • MadeWell® – Radial Wheels & Crown Rollers

    SKU: MadeWell
    MadeWell represents simple solutions for complex problems. This product line takes us back to our roots of solving everyday challenges for industries such as architecture, transportation, semiconductor, electronics, engineering services and many others. This collection leverages our patented technologies, helping us better develop engineering breakthroughs. MadeWell products use the latest engineering technology to deliver reliable, simple answers to specific applications.
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  • HepcoMotion MCS – Aluminum Machine Frame

    SKU: MCS
    The MCS System offers an extensive range of aluminum profile sections plus all the connecting elements and accessories the designer could need. These modular components allow an almost infinite possibility of frames to be constructed for use in industrial machinery, guarding, storage and display applications.

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  • HepcoMotion SL2 – Stainless Steel Slide

    SKU: SL2

    SL2 is a completely corrosion resistant linear guide featuring ground stainless steel slides and linear motion bearings. SL2 carriages are made from strong, yet light-weight aluminum alloy. SL2 slides may also be mounted to GV3 beams for further design versatility.

    • Slide lengths up to 4 meters from a single piece
    • Clean room compatible
    • Available as assembled units or as components
    • Plastic plugs can be added to eliminate dirt traps

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  • HepcoMotion HDRT – Heavy Duty Ring and Track

    HDRT combines the flexibility and function of the PRT Ring Slide and Track system with the size and strength of the HDS2 product line to support loads of up to 40kN (8,992 pounds).

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  • HepcoMotion PRT2 – Precision Ring and Track

    SKU: PRT2
    Introducing a substantially expanded range of precision ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components to suit virtually every rotary and track system application.

    Not all motion needs are linear, which is where PRT2 (Precision Ring and Track), DTS (Driven Track System), and commercial product lines come in. The PRT2 line offers rotary systems, while the DTS line offers actuated rotary systems. PRT2 was designed to solve rotary and continuous motion problems - Ring Slides for circular movement and Track Systems for combined linear and rotary motion applications.

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  • HepcoMotion HDS2 – Heavy Duty Slide

    SKU: HDS2
    The HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System line adds assembled carriages, two new sizes of construction beam, and a host of improved features to the proven HDS product line. Three new larger bearing sizes up to 150mm provide even higher load capacity (up to 50kN each). The expanded line also includes a new larger size 33 single edge V slide and flat tracks, as well as stainless steel or corrosion resistant component options. The advanced HDS2 system provides the flexibility for many sizes and types of heavy duty components to be interchanged to achieve a comprehensive combination of space and performance possibilities.

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  • HepcoMotion GV3 – Linear Guidance and Transmission

    SKU: GV3
    GV3 provides a wide array of precision linear guide components utilizing guide wheel and roller wheel technology. Slides are available in three different precision grades, ranging from completely ground surfaces to as-drawn quality, to fit performance and economic needs. Lubed-for-life guide wheels come in twin bearings, double row bearings, and compact slimline bearings. GV3 may be used as a simple guide or as a self-actuated rack or belt driven system.  To view a list of compatible slide/bearing combinations, see the GV3 mix and match chart.

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