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Actuated Linear Guide Systems

When a standalone unit is required, our range of belt, chain, lead screw and ball screw actuators covers all applications, from low load to heavy duty and from fast to slow speeds. Corrosion-resistant versions to accommodate food and laboratory applications are available in several of our linear actuator lines.

The PDU2 profile belt unit is an excellent light duty choice and is available in a corrosion-resistant version.

LoPro is available in belt, chain, lead screw or ball screw actuators and comes in four sizes to accommodate loads up to 3,525 pounds. The Hepco DLS belt driven linear actuator also offers three different sizes for medium duty applications.

For heavy loads, select from HDLS belt driven actuator, HDCS ball screw actuators, or the SBD sealed belt unit. Rack and pinion actuation is also possible on the HDCB heavy duty compact beam.

The unique DAPDU2 double-acting belt unit is ideal for actions such as opening and closing doors.

Ball screw actuators are used where precision positioning is required. Choose PSD80 ball screw actuators or PSD120 lead screw actuators for lighter loads or LoPro ball screw actuators for medium to heavy loads.

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  • HepcoMotion MHD – Heavy Duty Track Guides

    SKU: MHD
    MHD Linear Slide System is ideal for many heavy mechanical handling industries, including robotic transfer systems in the welding industry and assembly processes in the automotive industry. The MHD comes as a kit with tracks and a set of four bearing blocks, comprised of left and right block assemblies.

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  • HepcoMotion PDU2 – Profile Driven Unit Actuator

    SKU: PDU2
    PDU2's patented wheel technology gives this small belt driven system considerable load capacity for its size. The modular design of the PDU2 allows for quick and easy gantry configuration. Adapter plates can be ordered for connecting PDU2's together, or MCS aluminum framing brackets and extrusion may be ordered to create a machine structure. PDU2 features an aluminum beam up to 6 meters in length with T-slots, if desired. Aluminum beams without T-slots are ideal for wash down applications, and they will not trap dirt. Additional options for the PDU2 include motor/gearbox mounts, limit and proximity switches, T-nuts, T-slot covers, gearboxes, motors, and electric brakes.

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  • HepcoMotion PSD – Precison Screw Drive Actuator

    SKU: PSD
    The PSD Precision Screw Driven actuator is a linear motion system that combines Hepco’s Herculane® wheel technology with a lead or ball screw drive for excellent accuracy and performance in a cost effective package. This off-the-shelf solution reduces design and installation costs by easily integrating into machine configurations that require accurate positioning in a compact environment. The PSD is ideal for single or multi-axis applications and is particularly useful in Z-axis applications. PSD comes in two sizes, 80mm and 120mm, and is available in a large range of stock lengths. An assortment of options and accessories are available including Z-axis mounting plates, tubular flange screws, and a wide variety of motor connection kits and screw pitches.

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  • HepcoMotion SBD – Sealed Belt Driven Actuator

    SKU: SBD
    The SBD sealed belt driven unit incorporates a high strength steel reinforced tooth belt, with zero backlash and driving forces to 3300N. Hepco LBG precision caged linear ball guides provide dynamic load capacities to 52,100N. The unit is housed in a high strength aluminum beam and is completely enclosed with a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam and kept in contact by a magnetic strip. This cover provides exceptional protection of the internal mechanism from dirt debris.

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  • HepcoMotion DAPDU2 – Double Acting Profile Driven Unit

    The DAPDU2 belt driven unit is a double acting system that is ideal for driving automatic doors in use on spray booths and other manufacturing applications. The unit is built on a slotted, tough aluminum beam of one-piece construction. The beam is available in lengths to 6m, and incorporates a drive belt and two or more carriages running inside. This configuration effectively seals the unit on three sides.

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  • HepcoMotion DLS – Driven Linear System

    SKU: DLS
    DLS offers belt driven actuation with a wide array of drive options available to meet the most simple to the most complex linear motion needs. Systems can be provided with a simple output shaft and an adapter with coupler to suit the customer’s gearbox or with a worm gearbox with flange to suit customer’s motor. The DLS beam provides T slots for quick and easy mounting of sensors and switches as well as assembly brackets. Profile aluminum framing, such as MCS, can be used to complete machine framing around the DLS unit. Other DLS options include a cantilever axis. The cantilever axis provides an ideal low inertia vertical axis to complete your linear motion needs.

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  • HepcoMotion HDCB – Heavy Duty Compact Beam

    HDCB (Heavy Duty Compact Beam), is a smaller footprint design in comparison to the HDS construction beam. Single edge V slides and narrow flat tracks can be mounted to all four corners of the HDCB. T slots are compatible with other heavy duty series products as well as MCS aluminum framing profiles. Rack and pinion and ballscrew actuation is possible for the HDCB, and assembled units are fitted with cap wipers for long life.

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  • HDCS – Heavy Duty Compact Screw

    HDCS (Heavy Duty Compact Screw) is based upon the HDCB compact beam with single edge V slides, and features ball screw actuation. System lengths are available up to 2740mm with the ø25mm ball screws. Standard ball screw pitches include 5mm and 10mm. Easy access lubrication points for the ball screw return reduce maintenance time. Bellows covers are also available to further protect the unit in harsh environments.

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  • HDLS – Heavy Duty Linear System

    HDLS utilizes heavy duty slides and actuates them by AT series belt. Narrow and wide unit versions are available. The narrow unit is taller than the wide unit making it stiffer. The wide unit is better suited for applications with high moment loads. Both the narrow unit and the wide unit feature left, right, and dual output shafts. Gear boxes may be supplied directly coupled to units. Extended output shafts on gear boxes are also possible to drive two systems in parallel. Optional shock absorbers and rubber buffers are available for HDLS systems.

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  • ECO60™ Linear Actuators

    SKU: ECO60
    • Compact footprint of 60mm wide by 33mm tall
    • Travel lengths from 3" to 36"
    • Stainless steel lead screws with choice of lead
    • Supplied with NEMA 17 motor mount flange
    • Optional home and travel limit sensors

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  • SteadyRail™ Linear Stages

    SKU: Steady-Rail-Stage-Driven
    • Low cost and low maintenance
    • Added drive components for stand alone functionality
    • Ball screw drive mechanisms integrated
    • Available as a complete motion system
    • Low coefficient of friction at 0.003 typical

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  • SimpleSlide™ Linear Tables

    SKU: Simple-Slide-Linear-Tables

    SMLA SimpleSlide Linear Tables are a low cost manually operated motion solution. SimpleSlide features a modular pillow block design ensuring easy bearing maintenance and replacement. Utilizing round rail technology and recirculating linear ball bushing bearings, SimpleSlide is built for smooth motion over long travel lengths. 

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