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Bishop-Wisecarver Scores Big

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More than 115 million viewers are expected to watch Super Bowl 50 this weekend. The annual game is a highlight for many football fans who spend the day eating, watching game interviews and cheering on their favorite team. Not many people can track one of their most famous inventions to watching a football game, but Bud Wisecarver is clearly not like most people.

Four Ideas Worth Sharing from TED@IBM

By Pamela Kan in Manufacturing, Automation, Linear Motion
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I was lucky to get an invite to the recent TED@IBM talk in San Francisco earlier this month. IBM definitely lived up to their motto “Think”. My brain was stretched and tired by the end of the day. We heard and watched more than 18 speakers and videos. Below are the ones that most intrigued me, especially pertaining to the world of manufacturing, automation, and linear motion.

Sites and Sounds from Manufacturing Day 2015

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“This place looks totally different than I expected.”
“I didn’t realize there were so many different types of jobs.”
“That could be my starting salary? No way!”
“There are how many job openings?”
“This is fun. I could do this job.”

These questions and comments could be heard throughout our manufacturing site earlier this month as Bishop-Wisecarver again participated in the national Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) event.

Creating a Guided Motion System for Any Environment

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Guided motion animates the manufacturing universe. Tracks, wheels and systems they comprise move the machinery and automate the equipment we use to create countless products that fuel our economy and advance our society.

Celebrating 65 Years of Service

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Since 1950, Bishop-Wisecarver has grown tremendously in terms of staff, our product offerings and the milestones we've achieved. As we approach the 65th anniversary this month, we are reflecting on how this all started and look forward to a future of continued growth.

Working at Bishop-Wisecarver through the Eyes of an Intern

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Shelby Fischer spent the summer of 2015 working as a marketing intern for Bishop-Wisecarver. Shelby is currently studying Business Marketing at San Jose State. Shelby was eager to gain marketing experience and broaden his skills set. The internship program at Bishop-Wisecarver provides our interns with real world business applications and teaches them skills that are applicable to all industries. Read Shelby’s account of this past summer.

Bishop-Wisecarver Supports STEM Education Through Their Internship Program

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JJ Galvin spent his summer interning at Bishop-Wisecarver to learn about manufacturing, engineering and marketing. The third-year mechanical engineering student at Santa Clara University wanted to see engineers work on a product from start to finish. He wanted to learn about the manufacturing process and machines used in the guided motion industry. He also wanted to brush up on his technical writing and study the way engineers communicate within the company and to the customer.

Put Your Money on the Future

By Pamela Kan in STEM, FIRST, Reflection, Local, Women in Manufacturing, Education, Engineering, Robotics, Manufacturing Day
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As we see kids head back to school it reminds me of my role as a business leader to invest and support our next generation of team members. As a woman running manufacturing, distribution and engineering companies I see a real gap in the education and experiences we are providing to our kids.

Fueling STE(a)M Education with Art and Creativity

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A 2014 study by the American Society for Engineering Education noted that STEM education is so successful because the teaching methods are inquiry-based and centered around students. It engages students in solving real-world challenges. It encourages teamwork. It shows how to use mathematics in a meaningful way that students will actually use later in life.

Finally, an Alternative to Costly Slewing Rings!

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When it comes to automating heavy loads, there aren't many options for large capacity bearings. Slewing ring bearings are often the go-to because they come in large diameters and can withstand enormous payloads. But they're extremely expensive. They have long lead times, ranging from four to six months on average. They're also tricky to assemble and require an inordinate level of maintenance.
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